The AJs

Last Saturday, Alyzza and April were modeling for me at Wa'ahila Ridge State Park. The weather was au rendez vous and the morning shoot was rolling as planned. Alyzza and April has the same middle name, Joyce, a little bit confusing, but they are the AJs!

So, we started with Alyzza with her black dress under natural light, and as we progressed, I added one light with a Beauty Dish in the equation, mostly for fill.

With April, black dress as well, we took a different approach and background. I had her setup in between the trees and far from the edge.

The picture in mind was to get some rim light with the sun backlit while isolating the model with a long focal range lens. It worked out perfectly and was happy with the results.

Alyzza joined back the session and we started with some combination of poses at will.

As the sun was getting higher, we took refuge under the shadows of the trees, where I could shape the light better.

Alyzza was now dress in white and decided to have a more surrounded environment. We used a small path in the wood to create the right mood.

The session lasted for a couple of hours and all went well as planned/ scheduled.

Again Mahalo to Alyzza and April for this Photo session!



Alyzza and April