Un petit tour d'avion...

While on vacation in Tahiti, French Polynesia, thanks to my cousin Ricky Leo, I had the opportunity to fly over the islands of Moorea and Tetiaroa. What a beautiful view from above!

The Pilot and Plane.



On our way to Moorea

Back to Tahiti.

During my stay au Fenua.

Got to go back home for couple weeks, and enjoyed the sceneries of the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia. A few places to re-discover as shown in the galleries.

A short walk in the city of Papeete.

Au Marché de Papeete.

On our way to Taravao for lunch... with some few stops.

Place Vaiete at night, a rendez vous for the regulars to dine at the Roulottes.

Sunset to finish the day...


More to come...

Tahiti - Photowalk

Organized by my friend Jean-Philippe Yuam, a well known Local Wedding Photographer.