Finally took the plunge to get another set of triggers, the Yongnuo YN622C. They have quite a bit of features that I was interested in, where my current remotes were not capable of: Hyper Speed Sync (HSS), ETTL, Manual, Mixed Mode and Focus Assist.

The YN622C came in pairs (2 transceivers) and costs less than $100, which was also a big factor before investing into a new system!


Tahiti Photo Group Photowalk 3 Cascades

On a sunny and rainy Sunday, Tahiti Photo Group had organized a photowalk to visit the "3 cascades" within a beautiful rain forest.  About 20+ photographers joined the tour, which was interviewed by the local televisions TNTV and RFO Polynesie. This was the first time that Tahiti Photo Group got some media coverage! Thanks to Mr. Jean-Philippe Yuam. TPG - Photowalk 3 Cascades-January 16, 2011 - 14