Tahiti Photo Group

Tahiti Photo Group Photowalk 3 Cascades

On a sunny and rainy Sunday, Tahiti Photo Group had organized a photowalk to visit the "3 cascades" within a beautiful rain forest.  About 20+ photographers joined the tour, which was interviewed by the local televisions TNTV and RFO Polynesie. This was the first time that Tahiti Photo Group got some media coverage! Thanks to Mr. Jean-Philippe Yuam. TPG - Photowalk 3 Cascades-January 16, 2011 - 14


Marché de Papeete!

Early morning, we had a photographer meet at the local market called "Marché de Papeete." I believe this was my first time ever going to the market as early as 7am! It was really crowded, and met several relatives and friends there. We were only a handful of photographers whose assignment was to walk around and document as much as possible. One hour limit, and once done, we had to bring something to eat for a small breakfast at the "Jardins of Paofai." It was worth waking up early and enjoy this crowded market with so much culture to learn from. What an experience! TPG - Photowalk - Marché de Papeete-Flickr-November 14, 2010-6

TPG - Photowalk - Marché de Papeete-Flickr-November 14, 2010-21

TPG - Photowalk - Marché de Papeete-Flickr-November 14, 2010-17